What is it?

With this package, you are able to extend your Laravel based project with our web developer GUI.

The GUI helps you to create and manage component-based templates easier and faster than ever before. You gain an overview of all components and templates that are used in the project and a focused live preview where you can interact with them.

You can also provide a pattern description for each component to further clarify their usage and purpose, and work with component nesting to speed up your development process.

Make a change within a single component and see those changes reflected throughout the whole project. Further more you are also able to easily mock dummy content to bring your components to life and test how they fare with real content.

Key features

  • Faster creation, deletion, and management of component-based templates for Laravel projects.
  • Overview of all components and templates.
  • Component descriptions.
  • Taxonomy agnostic.
  • Status-based approval process from within the GUI.
  • Alerts if rejected components are used.
  • Template- and rendered-code view.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Copy-to-clipboard functionality.
  • Easy management and usage of dummy data.
  • Smooth integration into standard Laravel applications.
  • Opensource.

We call it workshop

When we mention the developer GUI itself we are speaking of the workshop.

Imagine this as your workbench, where you experiment and explore ideas. It's a place, where you craft your website until it's production ready.

What is a pattern?

You might know partials or subviews. Think of patterns as reusable template snippets (partials) that you can use in your project's templates.

Last Updated: 3/21/2019, 1:27:02 PM