This is Oloid

Create a living designsystem for your Laravel apps

Let's get started

Easy to setup

Oloid is installable via composer. Simply run one command, go grab a coffee and get going.

Easy to use

Create patterns and reference them with custom Blade directives. Mock dynamic data with easy-to-set-up variables.

Seamlessly integrated

Build your designsystem while you are building your website or app. Simply integrate it into your project.

Status based approval

See which parts of your project are done and which need a bit more love. Warnings help you to prevent rejected patterns from getting pushed to prod.

Live preview

See and interact with the patterns of your project in a live preview while you are coding them.

Methodology agnostic

Organize your design system the way you want. Components, Structures, Elements, Atoms, Molecules, whatever - the taxonomy is up to you!

Lightning fast

More information and functions that speed up your development process in one place.